Thursday, September 23, 2010


this is my favorite. he was totally posing for the camera! so cute. 
ok, so i'm finding time every day to take pictures, and can't WAIT till fall is in full bloom. i should probably slow down on all the posts, but i just can't seem to stop taking pictures. so until i get super busy with school, enjoy the multiple posts a week. :)


  1. HE'S ADORABLE! And the pics are absolutely amazing!!!

  2. thanks so much Camille! and yes, he's so cute! he's our neighbor's cat but he comes and lays in our yard all the time.

  3. such a nice 'lil putty cat :) Mine died or was eaten this past summer. I still almost cry when I think of him LOL :) I was VERY attached - but now I'm starting with a little guy named Ronnybear ;)