Friday, September 2, 2011


i have a friend. her name is aubree: {noble, bright, and strong one.}

from aubree, i've learned what it means to be noble. her bravery and courage amaze me.
from aubree, i've seen how hard it is to be strong, but through giving your life {fully} to God, you can overcome any circumstance or struggle. "i can do all things, through Him who {strengthens} me."
from aubree, i see how with the {love} of Christ, you can be a bright light to all who surround you.

i love her sweet heart and her playful spirit.
aubree, i love you. you are a beautiful child of promise, lovely in the sight of the Lord. i am so {thankful} for our friendship.

happy birthday. :)


  1. i. love. ya'll. :}
    ~Haley jo

  2. Happy Happy Birthday :) I think I met you a few years back and you were one of the sweetest gals ! Hope you have a fantastic day!